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Group of companies “Topix Agro” – engineering in animal husbandry,development of technological solutions, delivery and assembling of equipment.

We are ready to supply cattle-breading complexes with the equipment of world leading producers as well as with the one from Belarusian producers, carry out qualified assembling and supervising installation of the delivered equipment, supply service and deliver spares.We undertake all guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance of the delivered equipment.

Group of companies “Topix Agro” renders engineering services in farm designing as well as provides all necessary information that helps to evaluate project’s perspective and choose further direction of work.


Only well-qualified staff, having great work experience with different equipment in farm complexes, is working at “Topix Agro”. All employees undergo necessary training and internship for conducting installation works of this or that equipment.


Any system cannot work perpetually as it is. Sooner or later the owner comes to the conclusion that for smooth work of the farm and the complex, service maintenance must be conducted at a stated time and in full.


In accordance with the company’s complex and consistent approach to modern farm building our own service department was created. Applying to our company only with the desire to build a project, the client may get qualified service of the equipment installed not only by us but by other suppliers just after putting the farm into service.


Our team of professionals is always ready to help you:

  • Find optimal technological decision
    In any sphere of livestock industry the choice of technology for keeping and production is the crucial factor for the way your enterprise will work in the future! The main project concepts, the choice of necessary equipment and organization of factory work depend on the technology. We can help you find the optimal decision!
  • Choose necessary equipment
    We do not just supply “innovative equipment for cattle breeding, but we also help you to introduce it into production and get maximum efficiency
  • Organise delivery
    We often hear a question – “When do you need the equipment?” – “Yesterday”. We are ready to this! Good co-operation of logistics department and sales department allows us to organize shipment of necessary equipment in the shortest possible time. We value your time!
  • Develop a project
    We are always ready to develop a project of milking farm, pig complex or pig farm, poultry farm.
  • Carry out high-quality assembling and launching of the equipment
    Only highly-qualified specialists are working at our company, who always undergo training in equipment installation, adjustment and service and follow high requirements of the performance standards. This allows us to carry out all the installation works in the shortest time!
  • Teach your employees
    The problem of finding qualified staff in agriculture is still great. We are always ready to help you, teach your employees how to deal with modern equipment, show and tell them in the simplest way. Your stable work – is our success.
  • Оrganise your staff’s work at the factory
    If you need to achieve profitability in agriculture, then today you can do this not only with the help of modernization but also with the help of optimizing your staff. New equipment let you reduce the number of employees by two or even three times. We can help you organize effective work of your employees but not at the expense of the quality!
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30.08.2013 We are satisfied with cooperation with “Topix” that supplied us scrapers and a manure pump and provided channel cleaning. We had previous experience in working with them, that’s why we knew where to order equipment, and what is more, their price appeared to be the best. After delivery and installation of the equipment, we have made a service contract, and we don’t have any reasons for criticism – if it’s necessary to come, you just call and the service engineer is here. They helped to repair the pump, installed by another seller, and we are very thankful for that. We are planning to build a new complex, so we are sure that we will co-operate with this company in future.
OJSC “Alexandria-Agro” Chervinsky V.